Product simulation during the design process is key to understanding how the product will behave under various loading conditions. We utilize several software packages depending on the type and depth of the problem.


For simple analysis we use Solidworks Simulation (Cosmos). It’s tightly integrated with the solid model and provides a fast method for determining Stress, Strain and Displacement. For more complex analysis we use ANSYS. It also is tightly integrated with the solid model yet provides much more robust analysis capabilities such as:

Understanding how machines move and what the real world forces are when subjected to applied loads and displacements is an important step in the development process. Dynamic Simulation is usually the first step in a simulation. Loads determined from this type of simulation are used for further Finite Element Analysis.

For basic motion analysis we use Solidworks Motion. It is simple to setup and quickly provides animations and motion information on assembly models. We also utilize ANSYS Rigid Body Dynamics which determines the motions and can provide dynamic stresses while the part is moving. For complex systems we use MSC ADAMS for the most complete modeling and understanding of machinery motion.

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